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7 Ft Garden ladder, Tallman makes the best orchard ladders for sale at any price. 7 ft Fruit Picking/Hedge Cutting Ladders are the specialty for the Tallman Ladder Company. Lighter & better in many ways than Japanese ladders like Hasegawas. If you are looking for a 7 ft aluminum orchard ladder or a tripod orchard ladder for general landscaping needs or for pruning apples or cherries or any other tree, then Tallman Ladders are your best choice.

  • Highest Standing Level 4′ 8″ (while allowing 1/2″ penetration into the soil)
  • Width at base 41″
  • Weighs only 17 lbs.
Item #: TLI-9010


Tripod Ladders – 7 foot

The 7 foot aluminum tripod ladder most preferred by Growers and Workers.

The 7 foot Tallman tripod step ladder is built of lightweight tempered aluminum and designed for ease of handling, longevity, and proven for years of trouble-free service. Each step is braced for maximum safety and uniform flexing on uneven ground, and all parts have been interchangeable since 1954. Parts are readily available in the rare event that you might need one.

Wooden ladders of this type have been available for years, but they are heavy (especially when wet), they leave splinters in your hands, and constantly need repairs. They swell in rain storms and became loose when they dry out, needing tightening several times a year.

Designed for years of trouble-free service in your orchard and built of lightweight tempered aluminum; these sturdy ladders will last for years without splintering like wood ladders often do. These 7 foot aluminum tripod ladders have earned the reputation as being the best quality and longest lasting orchard ladder on the market, at the most reasonable cost. The 7 foot tripod ladder design is perfectly engineered with the third leg made so that it can be swung out and inserted between tree branches for fruit picking or pruning,…all kinds of projects where you need a ladder on the ground. The tripod style ladder can go (almost) anywhere. Because it only has three legs, they are automatically in the same plane, therefore no wobbling. (This is why crude stools are usually shown as having three legs.) There is no stretcher in these ladders, so you can put the third leg way out to get stability, if you need to. The third leg is attached by a really stable method; it doesn’t go out left or right.
Normal four legged ladders are just too unstable on uneven soil, but a Tallman Ladder will give you the stability and confidence to safely get the job done. They are crafted from the finest materials and workmanship, and the unique design makes a strong product for years of service. Specially Designed Strong Top Section Rigid Steel Hinges Heavy Duty Tempered 3rd Leg. The specially made quality slip resistant steps, with dimples, are built into every step on every ladder.

SAFETY NOTE: Use the right tool for the job at hand. The Tripod Orchard Ladder is designed for orchard and landscape maintenance use only, where it is used on soil or turf type surfaces. The feet and pole of the Tripod Ladder do not have rubber feet, and cannot be used on hard surfaces such as floors, concrete, pavement, etc.. There also is not a spreader bar or chain between the main frame of the ladder and the third leg (pole) to keep it from spreading. All three points that come into contact with the ground depend on slight penetration of the turf or soil to remain stable. DO NOT USE on hard surfaces as slippage may result in injury.

These are not tested and rated like a normal ladder because they are for specialty use. The Tallman Ladder Company estimates that a normal sized worker with a picking bag is around 250 lbs., and they have never seen a failure at this rating.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    If you have ever needed to get up high somewhere other than flat level ground, you know how dicey it can get. This ladder solves that problem. Actually, that problem was solved ages ago, but wooden tripod ladders are especially heavy and not great at dealing with the elements. Aluminum is a far superior material in this application, and Tallman does it right.
    This is an off road ONLY ladder. It depends on the feet sinking into the ground to stay put. If you try to use it on a hard surface, it will fail, probably when you get to the top.

    This review originally appeared on an industry website.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    This ladder is very solidly built, yet light enough for my 5’6″ self to carry around the orchard. Great stability, which is important for being up that high! I feel much safer on this ladder than I did on my normal ladders. This was definitely worth the investment. Perfect for tending older fruit trees that were not pruned for size and allowed to get too tall.

    This review originally appeared on an industry website.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    You wouldn’t use a carpenter’s saw to prune would you?
    Well, to access ornamentals properly, you also need the right ladder.
    I can’t believe I pruned ornamentals using step ladders for all those years.
    This ladder is lightweight and extremely sturdy. If you prune a lot of ornamentals or even if you just prune ornamentals sometimes, this is what you need. You can set it up confidently anywhere. It’s the RIGHT tool for the job.

    This review originally appeared on an industry website.

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