Burlap Fabric Roll of Plain 7 oz. Burlap 4′ W x 300′ L

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Biodegradable and porous fabric allows water and air to flow through. Burlap has been a traditional gardening essential for generations, because it is so strong, versatile, and economical. The uses for this quality material is only limited by your imagination. Burlap is tear resistant and stands repeated wetting drying with minimum loss of durability.

Item #: PEC-9057


Ideal for:

  • *Protecting seedlings
  • *Wrapping tree roots or root balls when transplanting. One of the top uses of burlap in the garden is to cover up the roots of plants while they’re being transported and/or transplanted. This is the way you sometimes find large trees for sale in stores. If you ever have to transplant a plant, you can wrap up the root ball, contain the moisture, and keep the soil and roots all together, especially if you can’t replant it right away. And be sure to keep it moist.
  • *Improving germination rates. This is more helpful for seeds that prefer a moist environment, but great overall. Laying a piece of burlap over newly sown seeds helps them to germinate much faster.
  • *Keeping the seeds from being washed away or uprooted by rain.
  • *A silt fence for erosion control
  • *Wraping the bottom of a small tree trunk to protect it from field mice and rabbits
  • *Covering your compost pile in the winter
  • *Keeping birds and other pests from eating up your freshly-planted seeds or newly germinated plants

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