Red Rubber Budding Strips 3/8” X 8” for Grafting

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1 lb. of Red Rubber Budding Strip Bands, 3/8” X 8”, 0.020 Gauge, approx. 450 strips

Item #: PEC-9078


1 pound of compounded rubber strips for budding and grafting. These rubber budding strips save time and labor because of faster application and less preparation time. Because of greater protection given by Rubber Budding strips, they hold the joined parts snugly and promote more union formation. The buds heal faster until the plant tissue knits together. Rubber Budding bands are easily and quickly attached, provide even pressure over entire bound area and expand with growth. These rubber budding strips are fast and easy to apply and immediately give even pressure over the entire area they cover. The tight rubber wrap holds the graft tightly and securely in the correct position, protecting it from birds, wind, and dehydration.

Rubber budding strips will expand as the graft grows and will release by themselves after a few weeks. These self releasing strips are ozone-biodegradable and made with a special BF Goodrich compound rubber which purposefully deteriorate and automatically loosen in a few weeks. These rubber budding and grafting strips are the preferred choice of more U.S. growers than other means of securing grafts and buds.

Made in USA

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Weight 4 lbs


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