10 Easy Things You Can Do On EARTH DAY

Celebrate Earth Day


Earth Day was founded as part of an effort to increase societal support for the environment. Since then, it has become an annual event in most countries.


  • Earth Day was formally started in the U.S.A. in 1970
  • More than 180 countries now observe Earth Day
  • Today, over 1,000,000,000 people observe Earth Day to some degree


10 Easy Things You Can Do This Earth Day

1. Grow your own food and buy local. Make preserves from food you grew yourself and give them away for Christmas or other special occasions.

2. Install timers, and repair your irrigation system of any leaks. Doing so saves time, water, and work, and it decreases weeds and frustration.

3. Place mulch around your garden on top of weeds to kill them and prevent them from taking the available water. Passively killing weeds with mulch costs less in the long run and adds fertility to your soil at the same time.

4. Place a compost (mulch) bucket in your kitchen and take it to the compost bin or dump it onto the weeds in your garden. Much of our garbage is actually a hidden treasure for our garden. Banana peels, egg shells, carrot tops, avocado skins, leaves, sticks, and grass clippings can all be used to benefit the soil in your garden.

5. Join or start a home gardening club where you can make like-minded friends, and enjoy their meetings and their tours of interesting gardens.

6. Put a compost bin in the break room at your job and label it “coffee grounds.” Take it home every day and empty it into your garden. Your soil will show its gratitude with healthier plants.

7. Plant trees, shrubs, or flowers in your yard or garden for beauty, or for some other beneficial purpose, like to shade your house and reduce energy bills, or possibly to refoliate a barren area.

8. Salvage some large containers and re-purpose them for container gardening; they require very little space.

9. Recycle some of your paper products. Newspapers, brown paper bags, and cardboard work great as mulch and doubles as a stepping stone (until it decomposes into compost). If you place it on top of a weed, it may kill it without any chemicals or work on your part—(three birds, one stone.)

10. Introduce some beneficial critters to live in your garden. Earthworms, lady bugs, beneficial soil fungi and bacteria, and praying mantises can usually be either purchased online or at a local nursery garden center.

Gardening can help you to be healthier in a whole host of ways. It’s rewarding and easy, and you don’t need to be rich to do it!

Happy Earth Day from the folks at Nursery Enterprises!

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