Brushking Shearing Knife 16” Straight Blade & 5 1/2” Handle

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Brushking Tree and Vine and Christmas Tree Shearing Knife. 1” X 16” Razor Edge Blade with Wooden Handle.

Item #: PEC-9065


Brushking Shearing knives are exceptionally lightweight, well-balanced knives manufactured in Germany. Their light weight helps to minimize wrist and forearm fatigue and allow for heavy weight shearing. These knives are made specifically for shearing fresh growth off of Christmas Trees and other fine branching and vines. The German made blade is very sharp and thin and should only be used for ultra-fine vegetative shearing. Designed to quickly cut finer vegetation than a traditional heavy machete. High quality and ergonomic lightweight design make it ideal when weight is a concern, for packing or climbing to hack away grasses, smaller vines, and fine limbs. Expertly ground and honed for optimal cutting life. 1” x 16” Blades are made of the highest possible quality German stainless steel that really take an edge and hold it. Brushking knives are available with serrated or straight blades, and the handles are made of high strength, lightweight maple and are available in lengths of 5-1/2” and 10”.

Due to varying conditions and the severe stress under which these knives are used, we cannot guarantee them against breakage.

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