Cantidad 20 Tru-Chek Direct Read Rain Gauge English & Metric Markings Cantidad 20

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Tru-Chek brand Direct-Read Rain Gauge Combination English/Metric Markings. One side is graduated from 0.01” to 6” while the other side ranges from 0.1 mm to 150 mm. This 13” long gauge is constructed of heavy, weather-resistant plastic and features permanently marked graduations. This Tru-Check rain gauge is a smooth, one-piece molding with integrated built-in plastic mounting tabs as seen in the pictures.

Item #: PEC-9087-1


Cantidad 20 Tru-check rain gauge accurately measures 0.01” to 6″ of rainfall. Single-piece construction with an integrated mounting plate to mount onto a board at least 5” wide. Permanent markings on the tru-check rain gauge are clear and easy to read. Wedge-shaped Tru-Check rain gauge is 13″ long and has a top opening of 2-1/2″ x 2-1/4″. Accurately measures 1/100 of an inch, up to the 6 inch capacity.

Please don’t forget to retreive it before the winter freezes come; thick ice has been known to split plastic when they freeze with moisture in them.

Wedge design is recognized as most accurate by universities, weather bureaus, growers, etc.

The most critical issue in collecting good rainfall data is the location of your gauge. Install your gauge in an open area away from obstructions such as trees or overhangs, and if possible, in an area protected from high winds. Mount your gauge on a post at a height of 3 to 5 feet with the gauge extending several inches above the post. Make sure that the top of the gauge is level. Make sure the post is not in an area where rainwater can indirectly splash from sheds, equipment, carports, etc. If you have a large area, consider installing several rain gauges for greater accuracy.

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