10x Magnified Pocket Loupe with Glass Lens & Metal Frame

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Compact pocket loupe is great for quick, close-up magnifying! 3/4” Diameter lens is protected by a strong, metal case. 10x Magnification. It’s a great magnifying glass.

Item #: PEC-9079


It folds to a compact size and is easy to carry in your pocket, purse, or pouch, and the all-metal magnifier body casing, from which the lens swivels out, securely protects the lens.

Lens Material : Glass (2-element lens)double lens of ¾ inch diameter. The doublet lens is comprised of two simple lenses used in conjunction with each other but not cemented together. The doublet produces an image of better quality than a simple lens because it corrects most of the outer image color distortion.

It can be used as a powerful handheld magnifier, or held close to the eye for use as a powerful eye loupe. Great for examining bugs, plant diseases, blossoms for hand pollinating, small seeds, edges of blades, reading the tiny details on labels, and buds for budding or grafting.

Some say that plastic optics are equal or maybe even superior to glass for performance, consistency and temperature stability. That’s partially true, but there is one area where glass is unequaled—Wear! Plastic lenses cannot tolerate scratching and UV exposure quite like glass. Glass and metal optics will almost always outlast plastic optics.

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