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QTY of 12 Cultivating Mattocks w. 3-Prong Fork & Steel Handle

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Calico Brand compact and rugged hand-held tool features a garden mattock on one side for cutting through tough soil and roots and a three pronged structural steel pronged cultivating fork tiller on the other for digging and breaking up and aerating soils. Excellent for all yard work, including ground preparation, cultivating, weeding, planting, tilling, and general gardening.

Item #: WCS-9001


A set of 12 mattocks with a three tined tiller—2 tools for the price of one! The ingenious design of this versatile hand held tool pairs a robust mattock blade with a sharp, three-tined fork, allowing you to both break up and loosen the heaviest and toughest compacted soils and create a reasonable tilth – without changing tools. The superior quality and durability of this double-purpose tool great for cultivating soil and chopping away and digging deeply and decimating weeds, and is particularly good when you need to work between plants. This superb tool is great for any gardening application and perfect for hand digging transplants, bulbs and other plants.

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Weight 20 lbs


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