Bahco P74 Lawn Shears 36” Steel Tube Handles

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Precision edging with less bending! Bahco brand P74 Long-Reach Lawn Shears with 36 inch Steel Tube Handles

Item #: WCS-9099


Bahco P74 Lawn Shears | Bahco p74 Grass Shears
Bahco P74 Lawn Shears – Long-Reach Lawn Shears with horizontally oriented blades, also known as Duck’s Foot. A real back-saver! Engineered for cutting in difficult-to-reach areas where lawn mowers can’t access. Take much of the frustration out of your grass trimming with Bahco Grass Shears. An ideal tool for effective trimming of hard-to-reach grass. Suitable for cutting around shrubs, borders, fence edges, planters, around tress, etc. Perfect for that nice trimmed look. 38 inches tall and overall length is 44 inches so you don’t have to bend down or crawl on your hands and knees as much to cut the grass. Easily cuts in hard to reach places. Very helpful if you find it hard to bend over & use the hand shears for the places the mower can’t get to.

The resharpenable, high quality, 8 inch anti-rust straight cutting blades are fully hardened and very sharp. The solid steel blades offer a durable hard edge and lasting strength and durability and minimize downtime from sharpness and other performance issues. They feature a self adjusting pivot bolt and are stamped, double-bevelled, and industrially clad with an anti-friction polymer coating, Xylan for rust protection and smooth penetration through the grass. Another benefit of the Xylan coating is that the blades are easier to clean and disinfect, if containing diseases or other plant pathogens are a concern. Xylan coatings are also surprisingly resistant to chemicals and disinfectants.

For comfort and safety, the sturdy and durable bolt-on high-strength steel tube handles are also designed for easier work to help you beat fatigue. The solid, soft and comfortable non-slip ergonomic grips, enhancing comfort and control, will keep your hands secure as you work, and are ideal for extended use. These heavy duty grass shears include two integrated rubber shock-absorbing bumper stops which help reduce arm and shoulder fatigue and the jarring conclusion at the end of cuts.

Perfect for trimming large-stalked weeds. This tool is well made and with care; it should last a lifetime. A must have around the home. The shears are very sharp and beautifully balanced. A great alternative to gas & battery powered string grass trimmers, or electric trimmers with the extension cord always in the way. They weigh just 4.4 pounds. No more hassle, noise and smell. Working with great equipment helps make your jobs a delight.

European Made

Replacement handles are available

Limited lifetime warranty

Since the blades are solid forged steel, as part of a conscientious maintenance program, we recommend a periodic wipe-down or soaking in oil to prevent rust and lubricate the moving surfaces.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 10 × 9 in


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