Turnbuckle Eye & Jaw 5/8″ X 12″

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5/8″ X 12″ Turnbuckle, 12″ adjustable length X 5/8″ dia. bolt, 3,500 pound work load limit, inside eye .88″ X 1.80″. Eye is elongated for stress reduction. Closed length 21 1/8″, open length 33 1/2″, jaw opening .79″.

Item #: STI-9003


Steel turnbuckle aka stretching screw aka bottlescrew aka tensioner used to stretch and apply tension to grape vine trellis wires and any other cables or ropes that either need lots of tension or minor adjustments as the wires, cables, or ropes stretch. Will not twist the wires when you adjust the tension. Hot dipped galvanized steel for rust resistance. Recommended for straight or in-line pull only.

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Weight 3.8 lbs


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