KA-BAR 16.5” Cutlass Machete with 11” Blade & Sheath

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Not a normal machete, and not a normal knife, this tool is in a league of its own. It’s like a camp axe with the functional abilities of a large knife. For some, this takes the place of a hatchet, a machete, and a food prep knife. Performs flawlessly for many duties. Chopping is a chore made easy with this beast. It’s also small enough to use as a camp knife. Perfect for chopping down weeds, clearing a camp site, cutting small limbs and tree branches, and cutting wood and bone (for hunting). Once you get it into your hands, you’ll know that this blade means business; it’s a rock. The color of the blade, the handle, and the sheath is black. The blade is 11”, the overall length is 16.5” and it is comes with a leather/Cordura® Nylon sheath.

Item #: PEC-9080


The 0.165” thick blade is made of 1085 Carbon Steel, and it stays sharp for many days of use. It rarely needs to be sharpened in the field. It’s nice to be able to not have to sharpen your tool until you get home. You can hack your way through just about everything with this knife. The broad blade allows for precise and detailed work and the length and width lets it chop down small trees with ease.

The ergonomics are great; it fits hands perfectly, and the distribution of the weight gives you a very efficient cutting action when you swing it, making it easy to use for long periods of leading a trail. The handle is utterly dependable for maintaining a solid grip; it’s very friendly to the user. It allows you to work for a long time without fatigue. The handle is nice and full which helps with maintaining a good grip, also it does not slip when your hands are wet.

The heavy front gives it good momentum, and the hook end of the handle eliminate any slipping while swinging. The forward belly of the blade really makes a difference; the extra forward blade weight from the curve shape brings a lot of forward chopping power. Once you can get the hang of consistently hitting the very wide sweet spot, this knife can cut through very thick material.

The ultimate choice of carry knives to take with you when you venture into the woods. From batoning wood and chopping branches to cutting potatoes for dinner, it will never let you down. It will probably become your “go to” heavy duty knife. It can handle clearing campsites, cutting paths, cutting down small trees/limbs, and splitting wood for kindling with ease. The quality is impeccable. This is a great value at its low cost. A must have. A tremendous value. A true workhorse that combines wonderful form with amazing performance. All of this at a reasonable price. Definitely a must have for anyone who needs a flawless tool for nearly any purpose imaginable.

Made in Taiwan

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