Natural Enemy Rotating Head Owl Garden Scarecrow

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Dalen brand Natural Enemy Scarecrow Rotating-Head Owl. The realistic rotating head of this scarecrow owl bobs and turns freely in gentle breezes like a real owl. This hand-painted life-like owl’s incredible realism provides effective protection against pesky birds and other pests, while adding charm to your garden and landscape. Constructed of heavy-duty recycled molded plastic.

Item #: PEC-9086


Keep your garden well protected from intruders with the free moving head owl scarecrow. The owl’s realistic head bobs and turns in gentle breezes to startle birds providing maximum garden protection. Its 18″ tall imposing presence and its realistic head movements help repel pesky birds, varmints and other pests. Ground squirrels give it a wide berth as well. It is meant for detering pests from yards, gardens, boat docks, rafters, barns, open porches, balconies, decks, & patios. Owls are a natural enemy to many garden pests. It’s an imposing presence in anyone’s garden. This patented Natural Enemy Scarecrow provides maximum garden protection safely and humanely, all with no batteries ever!

For gardens, berry bushes, and grapevines: mount the Owl on top of a tall pole and drive pole firmly into the ground (Owl must be positioned vertically for the head to move properly). For rooftops and ledges: secure the Owl by tying in place or weigh it heavily. The Owl can be filled with sand or gravel for more stability (use enclosed stopper). Place the Owl in a prominent place so birds can see it. For added effectiveness, move the Owl around the garden every day or every few days to a different perch for greater realism.

Use ONLY when pests are being destructive, and before fruit begins to ripen; remove at other times. Situate the Owl before fruit ripens and feeding habits develop. Will not work to scare birds away from nests with young in them, or from fruiting plants where the birds have already been feeding. The drive to nurture the young, and the allure of the best food a bird has ever eaten often overcome their reluctance to engage the owl. So, the owl must be installed before nests have eggs in them, and before fruiting plants become the birds’ cafeteria. Store the owl indoors when the season is over to prevent pests from getting accustomed to it.

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