REOTEMP Home Composting Backyard Compost Thermometer

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Every serious composter should have one of these. This tool will allow you to monitor the temperature of your compost pile. Why is it important to monitor your compost pile’s temperature? Becuase temperature is one the most important parts of building and maintaining a successful compost pile. With a basic understanding of the temperature at the center of a compost pile you will know: 1. When to turn the pile 2. When to add more material 3. When to add water, and 4. When your compost is ready.

Item #: PEC-9081


These are the thermometers used by serious composters. REOTEMP has been Manufacturing Accurate and Durable Compost Equipment for over 20 Years.

The Backyard Compost Thermometer is ideally suited for monitoring interior temperatures of your compost bin. Comes with a temperature range of 0°Fahrenheit to 200°F with dial graduations of 2°F and accurate to plus or minus one degree. Easy-to-read 1.8″ diameter plastic lens dial face features three temperature zone designations: Steady, Active, and Hot. With those easy aids, you can read at a glance the 3 temperature zones that indicate compost activity – Steady, Active and Hot. It also sports a durable 20” stem that will reach the center of most compost piles or compost tumblers. Composting has never been so easy! The dial case is hermetically sealed to prevent fogging over. The thermometer can be left in the compost pile over night and withstands chemical and biological weathering. 20″ long ¼” dia. rugged all welded stainless steel stem with a pointed tip for easy insertion and higher durability and accuracy. This compost thermometer is the perfect mix of durability, quality, and better compost temp readings!

The easy Composting Instruction Guide is included on the back of the package and will teach you basic composting to help Get You Started. Topics include: what to put in your pile, and what the temperature zones mean.

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