NSF Certified Quick-Read Calibrating Digital Thermometer

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Cal-Temp NSF Certified, CE Mark certified, and RoHS compliant Quick-Read Calibrateable Digital Thermometer in both °Fahrenheit & °Celsius

Item #: PEC-9083


Pocket-sized quick-read thermometer, only 1.4”H x 6”L and features the patented Self-Set™ Calibration and Quick Tip™ Rapid Response for fast readings in either °F or °C. The LCD digital display size is around 1/2” tall X 0.875” wide. Good display in natural light, not illuminated.

Other features include maximum memory (Max Mode is always working behind the scenes, continually storing the highest temperature. Press the MAX button to display the highest temperature. MAX appears on the display. The display automatically returns to the temperature mode after a few seconds. Press the MAX button for 3 seconds or more to clear the stored MAX value), data hold (press the HOLD button before removing the thermometer and this will “hold” the reading until it is pressed again. HOLD appears in the upper right corner of the display), on/off button, and automatic shutoff after 10 minutes (automatically turns off after 10 minutes of inactivity). Submersible, shatterproof and waterproof, the thermometer features a stainless steel body and a 5” stainless steel stem probe.

With its easy-to-press buttons, this professional-grade thermometer provides accurate temperature measurements in just 6-8 seconds. Stainless steel housing surrounding the large-digit digital readout. NSF® certified, CE Mark certified, and RoHS compliant. Temperature Range from -40°F to 450°F (-40°C to 232°C). This pocket thermometer is a fast and accurate quality assurance tool so you won’t waste your time or materials in your gardening endeavors. Just place the very tip of the stem into your medium, about 1/2″ in and it will display the temperature. It comes with a very nice plastic sheath protector with pen clip for the metal probe that protects it while it is stored. Powered by a replaceable LR44 button battery (included); backed by 5-year limited warranty. Instructions included. For many, this thermometer is the best pocket thermometer they’ve ever used and becomes their go-to thermometer. For the price, it’s hard to beat.

Its temperature accuracy is ±2°F, and if you would like to verify it is correct and re-calibrate it, you can re-calibrate it and verify it yourself. 1. Immerse the 1.5 mm thin tip of the stem into the water at the bottom of a mixture of 3 parts ice and 1 part cold water. Do not let the stem touch the bottom of container. 2. Press the CAL button for 2 seconds. The display will be blank for 2 seconds. Release the CAL button and 32.0°F will appear.

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